GBB-Rating puts focus on sustainability


Due to the ever-increasing globalization, sustainability is becoming a more and more important corporate target. This development arises in form of new requirements with regards to non-financial reporting (CRS policy) as well as the European commission´s initiative of "Financing a Sustainable European Economy". Thus, GBB-Rating sees it as all the more confirmation to further progress its sustainability philosophy, which has already been pursued for several years.

Since February 16th, 2018, GBB-Rating is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact. Therefore, we commit ourselves to fulfilling the 10 principles of the UN in the fields of Human Rights, Labor, Environment and Anti-Corruption. Henceforth, GBB-Rating will annually report about these issues in a separate progress report called "Communication in Progress" (CoP). GBB-Rating is placing greater emphasis than ever before on integrating sustainability as a crucial component into its corporate strategy and philosophy.


GBB-Rating - sustainability policy

Sustainability Policy, July 2020

GBB-Rating - communication on progress

Communication on Progress (CoP) 2020

Communication on Progress (CoP) 2019

Communication on Progress (CoP) 2018

GBB-Rating - Social commitment

Blood donation (09/2018)

First-aid course (06/2018)




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