Service provider for deposit protection schemes that safeguard financial market stability

In view of credit institutions' significance for the national economy, deposit protection is crucial to maintaining the confidence of both depositors and investors, and therefore to the stability of the financial market. Mindful of these goals, GBB-Rating has continuously augmented its services for the deposit protection industry since its formation in 1996.

GBB-Rating assists deposit protection schemes in calculating risk-based contributions, ratifying protection fund assets (quantitative assessment), and implementing early warning systems:


  • Planning and support when realizing risk-based contribution systems

  • Credit assessment of banks belonging to deposit protection schemes, explaining results to member banks

  • Backtesting and validation of risk-based contribution systems using recognized statistical methods

  • Production of customized documents and regular reports to ensure clients' complete transparency

  • Support with introducing and implementing a contribution scheme, typically including launch events, setting up a help desk/hotline and an IT platform for technical support

  • Conducting regular stress tests both to ratify protection fund assets (quantitative assessment) on the basis of secured deposits, and to prepare for additional stress scenarios by reviewing the quality of fund assets (processes, resources)

  • Definition of early warning indicators (e.g. traffic light system, stress tests, reporting)


Risk-based deposit protection
  • Regular credit evaluation
  • Calculation of contributions based on individual risk and secured deposits
  • Source of information for early detection of risks




EFDI European Forum of Deposit InsurersFSB Financial Stability Board

IADI International Association of Deposit Insurers

The Financial Sector Assessment Program of the International Monetary FundEinlagensicherungsportal





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