Rating process

The process is designed to conform with the overriding goal of ensuring quality, objectivity, independence, impartiality and confidentiality. Suitable organizational structures and workflows make certain that analyses are performed appropriately and properly, giving due consideration to the necessary material, time and personnel resources.
Ratings are performed at least once a year. If the obligatory monitoring procedure identifies material changes in the assessment criteria (e.g. market circumstances, particularities of the subject), existing ratings are promptly updated. Ratings are likewise updated at short notice if the rating methodology is revised.

Performing the rating

The lead analyst analyzes, assesses and evaluates the indicators and criteria on the basis of the financial and business profiles in compliance with established internal rules and procedures.

A second analyst, who is a member of the data & controlling team, reviews, checks and verifies the lead analyst's credit assessment on the basis of internal stipulations and procedures of GBB-Rating.

Sources of information for the rating are primarily the auditor's certified audit reports on the annual financial statements, third-party audit reports if available, a written questionnaire, and the content of internal reporting documents, such as quarterly and projected figures. Management meetings are a further significant source of information.

In order to maintain objectivity and impartiality, GBB-Rating applies the principle of personnel rotation. The lead analyst cannot oversee the rating process for the same company for more than four years in succession and cannot resume working for the same client until at least two years have elapsed. The second analyst, belonging to the data & controlling team, must rotate after no more than five years and, like the lead analyst, cannot be involved in rating the same company for at least two years.

The analysis and monitoring process is structured as follows:

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Quality assurance

Within the group of analysts, GBB-Rating employs experts on a variety of topics, including business models, countries, accounting standards and types of risk. Acting as professional monitors, these specialists review the rating result and thus provide an additional level of quality assurance.

The rating committee is the final instance. It examines the analysts' recommendation for compliance with the internal stipulations and procedures, and makes the ultimate decision on the appropriate rating. It consists of competent auditors and a managing director of GBB-Rating. If necessary, the rating committee consults other experts, including individual rating analysts or members of the quantitative methods or data & controlling units. The rating result is reported to the client in writing promptly once confirmed by the rating committee.

In detail, the whole process is performed as follows:

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