GBB Financial Soundness Seal – credit assessment as a confidence-building measure

In order to identify or build long-term relationships with key business partners, their trustworthy status must be verifiable. Based on general and revealing criteria and giving consideration to industry-specific particularities, together with our clients we define the eligibility requirements for the award of the GBB Financial Soundness Seal. This approach gives rise to security and mutual trust.

GBB-Rating can quickly deliver individual, simple credit assessments with a high degree of automation. In consultation with our clients we define the criteria governing the award of the GBB Financial Soundness Seal for individual industries or projects, or other specific purposes.

  • fast and efficient
    Extensive standardization and the clear definition of required information allow unequivocal rating results to be produced quickly. Qualified outcomes indicating the reasons for an award or refusal can be delivered immediately if required, while at the same time providing a foundation for successful sales and risk management.
  • customized and specific
    The ultimate composition of the underlying set of criteria is determined together with our clients. Consideration can be given, for example, to the particular requirements of individual industries or the performance standards that business partners must satisfy.
  • building confidence and enhancing appeal
    Who can you trust? You can place your confidence in holders of the GBB Financial Soundness Seal and engage in reciprocal business relations without any concerns. The GBB Financial Soundness Seal also sends a clear message: only those who meet all of its requirements are selected as reliable partners of your business


"GBB Financial Soundness Seal"fast and efficient
customized and specific
building confidence and enhancing appeal


Any questions on the GBB Financial Soundness Seal?If you have any questions about the scope or options afforded by the GBB Financial Soundness Seal, or wish to obtain a GBB Financial Soundness Seal for your own institution from GBB-Rating, we will be pleased to arrange a personal appointment (Contact).



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